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Fun with scraps!!

Welcome to my first blog entry! I had some scrap Sapele wood laying around and bought some Zebra wood...well cause it sounds cool and I never used it before.

I started by ripping the Zebra wood down to 1.5" wide. I also grabbed some of scrap pieces of Sapele I had laying around and decided to use those for accent pieces.

After everything was ripped down I prepped for the glue up. With all my clamps setup and ready I spread the glue and set them in the clamps

Once the glue dried I removed the clamps and moved over to the jointer and started removing material to get a nice flat face for reference so I can later run it through the planer.

With one face now nice and flat it was time to run it through the planer so everything is a nice even thickness.

Once done with the planing I moved to the miter saw station and cut the glue up into six 7" length pieces.

Then everyone's favorite part. Sanding... lots and lots of sanding.

Final step, applying finish to preserve the wood